Dark Truths source code


This source code package is distributed under this license.
If you don't agree with the license, you should not download or use the DT source.

The DT source is the result of approximately 2 years of work, and quite a few different programmers. We've placed comments where appropriate in the source, but there is no other documentation describing the code. We have stopped working on this source, as the DT project died, but we hope that people will be able to learn from what we've accomplished. The source is provided AS-IS, and does contain bugs, problems, and unfinished code.

Click here to go to the SourceForge DT project page, where you may download the source package.

News and Things

September 15, 03

  • It's been a while since I last posted anything up here. The small reason why I'm adding another news post is that I was reminded by Blizrun that another file that I'd neglected to include in the package was the skill.cfg file. As most of you will know, that's the file that sets the actual numbers that are associated with health, speed, damage, etc. for monsters, weapons, and the player. I've added the .zip file for download that contains the skill.cfg file for DT, so you won't have to create your own should you want to test things in the code. Enjoy.

    August 2, 03

  • This News post is nothing spectacular (not to say that the others were, either), but it's info that pertains to the project and so it's here. I've finally remembered to categorize the DTsource project within the Trove Software Map. This means that people will now be able to stumble across the project by searching through the Map on SourceForge. More importantly, in my opinion, this adds specific information to the project summary page that pigeon-holes the project a little more; Development status, environment, OS, etc. Most of those who're interested in the DTsource package are already familiar with that info, but it's there to help those who aren't as familiar.

    July 29, 03

    Two things to mention.

  • Laurie's given me a go-ahead, so I've added another .zip file that you may download. It contains two .rmf files, UTSkyTest.rmf and ShinyWaterTest.rmf. The first one is an example of the Unreal Tournament sky effect, and the second is an example of the func_shine. Download 'em and take a look.

  • N235 alerted me to the fact that the source .zip file was fucked up, and corrupted. I've uploaded the correct one, and you shouldn't be having any problems downloading or unzipping it now.

    July 28, 03

    It has become apparent that some sort of news section would be useful to disseminate info to those who're interested. I'm not expecting that this will get regular updates, there will only be new info here when it occurrs (and when I'm informed of it). This page will, however, be the only news outlet for the DTsource project; I almost assuredly won't update the project info page. A few things to talk about, and then I'll shut up.

  • James "November235" Freedman has kindly volunteered to give support for the DT source package. Currently, he's the only one who has explicitly stated that they will, and so all questions, problems, issues, or whatever you want to know regarding the DT source package should be directed at him alone. Until I hear otherwise from the other programmers, that should be the standing rule. Bother the hell out of N235, but leave the rest of us alone. :)
    You may reach him by posting in his forum or by running into him in IRC (on channels provided on

  • Laurie Cheers has suggested that he may try to include select DT effects and things in with an update for Spirit. The Spirit site has forums as well, and I'm fairly sure that Laurie would be interested in hearing from you regarding his work.
    He has not said that he'll give support for the DT source, however, so the official stance is to refrain from bothering him about it.

  • It's been brought to my attention that I'd neglected to include the .fgd file, so a new one doesn't need to be created. I've remedied that, and the .zip file with the .fgd is available for download. I've also swapped out information included in the .zip file and various other places that stated that the DTsource package was released under the GPL license. I originally was going to release it under that particular one, but I decided against it and created a new one. The references to the GPL have been removed, and replaced with text directing you to the license.txt file (which, surprisingly enough, contains the license).

  • It's also been pointed out by N235 that DT is the result of approximately two years of work, not three. I've changed it on this page, but changing it in the document enclosed in the file would be too much work for me to give much of a fuck.

  • That does it for news, and I have nothing else to mention. Begone.


    This section is to provide a small listing of where you may obtain support for the Dark Truths source code package (for those who can't be bothered to read the news post). Support for the DTsource package is available from the immense list of the following people:

  • James "November235" Freedman
    Until I hear otherwise from anyone else, you should only request support from the preceding list of one person.

    Project Info

    Note: This info is included within the .zip file for the project.
    The software is programmed in C++, and is designed as an
    add-on (mod) for the game Half-Life. To run this code, you
    need to have the full retail version of Half-Life.
    The code is incomplete and will not be added to, due to the
    death of the project, but there's still plenty of things in
    there and we hope that people will be able to learn from
    what we've done.
    The main feature that would be of interest is a particle
    system coded mainly by Laurie Cheers (programmer for DT and
    creator of Spirit of Half-Life) off of a code base provided
    by Rainmaker and Persuter, I believe. It is designed to
    implement particle effects through a seperate file, and those
    effects can be placed in maps. It has no ability currently to
    add particle effects through calls in the code, as that was
    to be added later. As it stands now, it allows for quite a
    variety of effects, such as smoke, fire, fountains of water,
    vortexes, a shooter that fires particles, and more.
    Other features include a Spirit Of Half-Life base
    code, AI for Opposing Force monsters, modified AI for
    current Half-Life monsters, an entity that simulates
    reflection, the ability to broadcast the things in a room
    onto a sky brush in realtime, physics modifications (such as
    dashing, high-jumping, wall-jumping), a Tertiary Ammo index,
    a grenade launcher that has multiple fire-modes and uses the
    Tertiary Ammo index as well, modified door entities that allow for
    a bounceback upon opening (up to mapper's discretion), a partially
    implemented inventory system for NPCs, and various other
    modifications and additions to the code.

    Thanks go to all the programmers who came and went over the years.
    I can't remember who all has been involved, so this is just a list of
    the most recent; My apologies for not remembering the others.

    Laurie Cheers
    James "November235" Freedman
    Steve "The Mad Hacker" Rukuts
    Skyler "Zipster" York
    Chris "Dark Monkey" Hannon

    We hope you'll find the DT source interesting.